Spring is Here – More Fun Around Tallahassee

Vista Landscape Solutions provides landscape maintenance services to our clients.

But by taking care of your property, we really give you time. Time you can spend on more important things – like your family!

In honor of the first week of spring, we’d like to remind you of some of the fun things you and your family can do outside in Tallahassee!

Today we’ll take a look at a few more outdoor treasures in and around Tallahassee. Maybe you have a couple of hours, maybe a whole day – either way there are plenty of places worth visiting before it gets too hot!

Wakulla Springs

Wakulla Springs
Photo credit: Wakulla Springs State Park website

If you have never been to Wakulla Springs or if it’s been a while, it’s time to pack the picnic basket, grab your swim suit, and head south.

Wakulla Springs is one of the largest freshwater springs in the world. Take a river boat or glass bottom boat tour of the spring and river, see wildlife such as manatee, alligators, numerous bird species, and more. There are trails to hike or bike, and if you’re brave you can dive from the 22 foot high tower into the spring.

For all the park details, visit their website.

St. George Island

St. George Island
Photo credit: St. George State Park website

If you’re willing to go a little farther, in less than 2 hours you can be on a beautiful beach. How many people travel considerably farther than that every year to visit our beaches? You don’t have to plan an elaborate vacation to get away to the beach, you can head to St. George Island State Park for a morning or afternoon if you want!

Seriously – we live 2 hours from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

All the park information can be found here.

Torreya State Park

Torreya State Park
Photo credit: Torreya State Park website

Florida is flat, right? Have you ever been an hour west of Tallahassee to Torreya State Park? There you can find some of the most exciting terrain in North Florida. If you want a unique place to go for a day hike, a backpacking trip with camping along the trail, or enjoy the “camping” experience from the comfort of a cabin or YURT, and you don’t want to be stuck in the car for hours, Torreya is the place to go.

Click here for the park details.